Azzurra 2 Isolated

Small, compact, flexible, standard, gloveless, robotic … Azzurra 2 is this and much more.

Azzurra 2 is the innovative Pharma Integration module dedicated to small-scale production. Its small size and extreme flexibility make it ideal for Cell & Gene Therapies and personalized medicine, as well as for R&D and clinical trials. Azzurra 2 is perfect for handling high value drugs thanks to its rejection-free and 100% IPC approach, with re-filling, “first vial good” and “last drop filling” functions.

The key feature of every Pharma Integration system is the massive use of robotics at every stage of the process. The 6-axis robotic arms are extremely precise and allow maximum accuracy and repeatability of operations. They ensure a smooth handling of objects, also allowing to correct operations if necessary.

Only a fully robotic system can truly be gloveless: Pharma Integration systems do not require human intervention because gloves have been removed from the entire process.

Flexibility is imperative nowadays, and Azzurra 2 perfectly embodies this concept. Like any Pharma Integration solution, it sets no limits to format change: the robotic arms are equipped with grippers suitable for handling any type of container with extreme precision. Vials, syringes and cartridges with any type of closure, both RTU and bulk … even brand-new containers. Format change in just 10 minutes and container change in 30 minutes. Easily connectable to any freeze-dryer and suitable for the treatment of high potency products.

Such a flexible solution can afford to be standard – because it already has everything you might need.

Azzurra 2 is a standard solution designed to be ordered directly from our inventory, delivered quickly already complete and assembled, in monoblock, and ready to be plugged and played.


Azzurra 4 Isolated

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Vials, syringes and cartridges both RTU & bulk, with any kind of closure

Robotic system

Denso 6-axes robots

Downtime between batches


Decontamination Cycle

Less than 60 minutes


L 2600 mm, W 1800 mm,
H 2300 mm

Product type

Liquid/lyo and powder


Up to 300 containers/h