Who we are

Pharma Integration is an innovative Italian company founded in 2016 thanks to the expertise and inventiveness of highly specialised Italian technicians. Today the company is led by a talented young team specialised in robotics, artificial intelligence and pharmaceuticals.
Pharma Integration is located in an Italian Pharma Park in Siena that brings together innovative companies and research activities in the field of Life Sciences.

What we do

Pharma Integration provides cutting-edge systems dedicated to small volume fill-finishing for next-generation drugs. Our goal is to help pharmaceutical companies anticipate the world of tomorrow by creating the best fill-finishing systems to deliver life-saving drugs within the shortest possible time.

Pharma Integration technology is entirely based on robotics: we believe in a world where robots are highly efficient tools at the service of human creativity and inventiveness. Robots are extremely precise, safe and productive and guarantee absolute repeatability of actions. Entrusting them with repetitive and potentially dangerous tasks protects both the product and the operators. Our process is therefore fully automated and does not require human intervention.

Particular attention is paid to the compactness of the entire system, which is agile and suitable for scale-out.

Our Mission

Providing time-saving systems for life-saving drugs.

Our Vision

Imagine a world where innovative drugs hit the market straightaway, saving millions of lives.
Imagine an ideal workplace where employees are constantly inspired and encouraged to grow professionally.
Imagine an innovative system that only uses best-in-class technologies.
Imagine an efficient company that always aims to improve itself, so as to improve the world.
That is the future we are building right now.

Why Pharma Integration

The pharmaceutical world is rapidly changing. The factors underlying its change are many and are linked above all to advancements of cellular biology, new demographic and epidemiological trends, different market tendencies and new political and regulatory needs.
Pharmaceutical industries should also evolve. Next generation drugs are smaller-volume and personalised.
Biotech manufacturing is shifting from bulk production to multiproduct facilities, which require complicating batching, frequent changeovers and scrupulous tracking. There is a shift underway from large, centralised structures serving the world, to smaller and localised facilities. Finally, drugs need to get to market faster, while maintaining compliance and data integrity.
The everchanging needs of the pharmaceutical world can only be met by a fresh production approach that takes into account the innovations of Industry 4.0.

Challenges facing the
pharmaceutical industry

Long time to market - Pharma Integration

Long time to market

Standard, off-the-shelf systems - Pharma Integration

Standard, off-the-shelf systems

Long installation and on-site qualification times - Pharma Integration

Long installation and on-site qualification times

Plug & Play systems shipped in monoblock - Pharma Integration

Plug & Play systems shipped in monoblock

No repeatability - Pharma Integration

No repeatability

True Scale-Out - Pharma Integration

True Scale-Out

No repeatability - Pharma Integration

Limited automation

Fully automated systems - Pharma Integration

Fully automated systems

No modularity - Pharma Integration

No modularity

Identical modules - Pharma Integration

Identical modules

No modularity - Pharma Integration

No true flexibility

Handles vials, syringes and cartridges, RTU and bulk (container change in 30’, format change in 15’) - Pharma Integration

Handles vials, syringes and cartridges, RTU and bulk (container change in 30’, format change in 10’)

With gloves - Pharma Integration

With gloves

Gloveless – no human intervention needed - Pharma Integration

Gloveless – no human intervention needed

“Elephant” lines - Pharma Integration

“Elephant” lines

Gloveless – no human intervention needed - Pharma Integration

Compact design

Pharma Integration stems from the need to deeply renew the pharmaceutical process in order to make it safe and efficient, flexible and capable of facing the new challenges that arise every day in the biopharmaceutical field.
Pharma Integration systems make Pharma 4.0 a present reality, not just a future goal.