Products Overview

Innovative drugs require innovative systems – Pharma Integration is constantly striving to provide Pharmaceutical Companies with fill-finishing systems as innovative as their medicines.

Our portfolio consists of highly innovative standardised robotic solutions. Each system is suitable for handling any type of injectable drug packaging. Discover our solutions based on the required application:

 Azzurra 2 Isolated

 Azzurra 2 Isolated

Flexible R&D module for small-scale manufacturing, clinical trials and personalised medicine, connectable to a freeze-dryer

Azzurra 4 Isolated

Azzurra 4 Isolated

Flexible system for larger-scale production, connectable to a freeze-dryer

our system, your solution


Vials, syringes and cartridges with any kind of closure, RTU & bulk,
liquid & lyo, suitable for treatment of high potency products


Fully robotised system with smooth handling of objects by 6-axes Pharma Robots, with the possibility of correcting operations
(e.g., low filling volume, missing stopper or caps)


Complete elimination of human physical intervention in the whole process

«Plug & Play»

All on board: electric cabinet, H₂O₂ generator, catalizer


All components integrated in the same basic module


Easy shipping, fast installation, fast start-up


Modules up to 50% smaller than standard: easier to ship, less classified space required, shorter decontamination time


No moving parts (no conveyor belts, no starwheels, etc.)


High accuracy achieved thanks to static needles
(volume range >1 ml: +/-0.5% accuracy)

100% IPC

Re-filling function, filling start function (first vial good) & last drop filling function

Fast changeover

10’ format change, 30’ container change

Fast decontamination cycle

< 60 minutes

Short downtime between batches


Remote control
Remote support/training/intervention from anywhere in the world and “local” remote intervention on site thanks to the simulator
3D printed format parts & components

Pucks, nest matrices and grippers can be printed in a short time in case of need for new format parts and components, even directly on site by sending a file to a local 3D printer, with the possibility of remote configuration


A passport is generated for each processed container, tracking process events;
the data is then transferred to the next production steps

Big data analytics

The robotised process allows to generate and collect large amounts of data; by processing the data with deep learning algorithms, it is possible to carry out predictive maintenance in addition to the usual preventive maintenance